Posted 10M ago by @FruitLoop29

Does he need repotting?
I’ve had this plant a while, and noticed he’s starting to lean and seems to have two separate stems. Should I repot now or in spring? #PLANTMAFIA #HappyPlants
13ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
It looks like it’s growing a baby, you can wait until spring and take the little one away with a good root, pot it in some soil, and then you have two plants ☺️
Yes it does looks like it growing a baby. Nice healthy plant.
always hold off until the spring on repotting if you can!
@RJG that’s what I thought! Thank you
@KikisOasis perfect! Thank you
@KimberleyMegan yeah that makes sense, will do. Thank you
Theses are extreme heliotropes they chase the sun, while fun to watch I have to spin “buttons” around all the time. I repotted him recently and he’s been fussy since. I probably should have waited but he’ll recover, he better!!!
@JuJuBeans that’s super good to know! Thank you, I’ll make sure he gets even sun.
Hope buttons adjusts to their new pot soon
@FruitLoop29 Thinking of renaming him Tribbles as he pops out babies all the time too.
@JuJuBeans ahaha love it
Beautiful plant. Take care of the baby
@Fruitloop29 can we connect on telegram.?

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