Posted 1M ago by @AniyaS

Hello! I've had this plant for almost 2 weeks now. Leaves...

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
I agree it looks a bit over watered, let the soil dry out enough so it pulls back from the sides of the pot and more sun! I cant see any red dots so im not sure what that could be hopefully someone else will have an idea! Id keep it away from other plants for the time being if you are unsure if its a mite of some sort, other than that the plant looks happy! Moving to a new home can always cause leaves to drop so dont stress :)
Two ways of just enough time to watch your plant to die, οΏΌ come back on the water a little bit and chances are he’ll come around mostly it sounds like because it’s only been two weeks. There’s a little bit of shock going on. I don’t know