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Leaves turning brown. He is dry and well get the 1/2 in t...

6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I'm glad you found Greg, Deborah!

How long has it been in that pot? I would definitely say there's a watering issue - maybe the soil isn't retaining enough water when you water it.

How does the soil feel?
Very dry. What type of pot should it be in? Clay?
I would say that it needs new soil
I’ll repot and new soil. Thanks
These guys like to be on the moist side! I agree, you should repot with new soil and give a good drench!
He probably needs to be repotted with new soil, if you can add some vermiculite that will help it retain water for longer. Are you watering with distilled or filtered water? I’ve read water quality is the only thing they’re fussy about, from there it’s just a matter of keeping the soil moist but not soaking wet. I use distilled and mine is having the time of its life.
I think youre overwatering it actually. Browning can be a sign of something bacterial. Definitely clean it up. Take all the dead/brown leaves off, check the roots system for any sign of bacteria/rot/infection and give her fresh, well draining soil.
They love terracotta but I keep a couple of mine in clear plastic to monitor roots systems. Whatever you have works great! Also the pot should be 1 inch bigger than the root ball, and must have drainage holes! Good luck :)
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If you’ve let it completely dry out for several days, I suggest pulling out all of the dried leaves to avoid pests and poking holes into the soil to allow it to better absorb the water. Especially if you’re having to bottom water because you water it and then it seems dry in just two days. Once you have proper aeriation back then I would make sure you consistently water before it gets bone dry again. It may be getting whiplash from inconsistent watering. They also do good with some humidity and partly direct sunlight