Posted 1M ago by @HotEverlasting

I watered on 30th may , and next day i started to see one...

13ft to light, indirect
14โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hello, Swathi! I think your dieffenbachia might be a Tropic! They can get SO BIG! Mine was about six feet tall before it fell over. ๐Ÿ˜ซ

In my experience, my dieffenbachia loves well-draining soil. I add about 30% perlite to my potting mix so the roots can get oxygen. If the roots don't receive enough oxygen, the leaves can yellow like in your picture.

It is natural to lose bottom leaves over time, here and there. That's how the plant gets taller: losing bottom leaves and putting out too leaves.

When you water, does the soil hold all the water, or does it drain from the bottom?

Also, I've had my plant near and east facing window for a few years, but since the fall, I'll be moving it outside to the greenhouse for a little more sun.
Thanks @sarahsalith. The water drains from bottom. And it drained too when i last watered, which is exactly why i have been afraid if i have overwatered.

Also its been only a month since I bought this plant. Did you mean to say its matured enough, figuring the height? Its aleady 130cm in height. How old was yours before it fell over?

Most importantly, how often and how much do you water for tropic snow plant?