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Ok Greggers….I need some advice…
I will be going on vacation on July 1st- July 10. I have a very responsible young adult neighbor that takes care of the dogs while we are away. I’m thinking about paying him double to take care of the plants too. I’m so afraid that I’ll come back to dying plant babies. ANY advice will be very helpful. What do my Gregpeeps do when you have to be away from home?? My plant babies and I thank you.
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@TJphilobsessed I have two plant families my literal plant one and my Greg one :)
I think if you water them all before you leave they’ll be fine it’s only 10 days
Well, what plants do you water weekly? That are usually like super dry? Those I would maybe water those heavy or put a label on them so your neighbor can water
I left for 3 days and I just watered one of my inside plants a little more and then my gloriousm that’s in moss. The rest were fine but it was only 3 days
@jcPlantProper I bought a bunch of wooden “popsicle” sticks and wrote the names for each plant to make it easier for him. My biggest issue is here in Texas we’re going through a bad heatwave and it’s supposed to last all summer long. We’re in the 105 -106ish range. So even though we have an air conditioner the plants that are closer to the windows are getting more heat and drying up faster.
@ABCD thanks Peter. I’m so afraid of killing them because it’s so hot here.
@TJphilobsessed yeah you can always move some away from the window too just in case
Here’s what I’d do.

I’d label all the plants either “Water” or “Do Not Water”.

Then the ones that will be watered say which day to water it on and how much to water it
@jcPlantProper thank you. I’m probably over-thinking this (I usually do 😂) I’m just so nervous about coming home to my plant babies dead!
@ABCD that is a GREAT idea!! I’m doing it. Thank you!
@TJphilobsessed Happy to help
@jcPlantProper @ABCD I knew my Greggers would help me and calm me down. That’s why I love Greg! It’s seriously my plant family.
@ABCD I love it!!
What about this type of system?? The cords of string act as wicks, so the plants/soil will draw more water only as needed, so might make it easier for your neighbor because then they'd only need to top off the water pot.

I took a peek at your "Oasis" page, and with 40 plants, maybe depending on how they're spread out: 4 resevoir pots of water? With 10 plants/pieces of twine wicks??
Sorry, here's a better-cropped version of the screenshot
@ShibaSunroom I might have to do that! If I have enough room 😂
@TJphilobsessed I'd just say, best to start experimenting with trial runs sooner than later, to figure out the best configurations for everything, ya know?
@ShibaSunroom this is good for huge plants and if you’re gone for a while! Love this
@ShibaSunroom yes. I’m going to try it out.
When I used to have a sitter, I showed how to use a moisture meter and let a note on each plant for what number to water it at, then when I didn’t have a sitter anymore, I water all my plants real good before I left and put them all in zip lock bags, I was gone for 3 weeks and I had no deaths! excellent!! Thank you!!
I put my moisture needing plants in the bathroom with water in the tub. My succulents are fine where they are. Happy travels!
@JungleLady505 thank you!

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