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Humidity too high?


My PPP was really struggling with stuck leaves and when they’d come out they’d be maroon. I moved her father from the window (south facing) and right next to a humidifier. Today I noticed one of her oldest leaves is suddenly yellow and has a big edema spot.

I haven’t changed her watering routine. Maybe I should since she’s getting less sun?

When left alone the humidity in this room typically stays above 50% year round but can get up around 70% in warmer months. I use a hygrometer and run the humidifier to keep the humidity around 60%. I’ve been running it more consistently lately because we had a little spider mite flare up on a palm.

This is one of her oldest leaves and it was never perfect. Is it just aging out? Should I be concerned?
0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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I think this is natural shedding of aged leaves. I find that variegated philodendrons tend to have older leaves kind of stop functioning? They tear easily, get edema spots, the edges go a bit brown, etc before they are finally shed. I'd worry if it starts happening to more than just the oldest leaf.
I am pretty much touch & go with mine as well. Hopefully someone on here can help!
@CourtlyKingfern So, I did some googling and, funny enough, it lead me to Greg. I’m new round here and don’t know how to access this info through the app, so if anyone can assist that would be awesome.

I’ll post a screenshot. Greg says in this case (older leaf, no other health issues) it’s probably just normal shedding. I’m still a little concerned with that edema spot but maybe that’s age related deterioration too.
@SunroomJungle thank you for sharing your experience. This is very reassuring.