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My Lithops aren’t looking too hot):
So I received these lithops in the mail a couple of weeks ago and they seem to still be struggling a bit. Any suggestions?
Is the soil wet? It’s hard to tell in the picture. Biggest problem I had was overwatering. Now I use a spray bottle to water my lithops only on watering days.
@Jana85 is my go to #LithopsArmy person. @Lithopslover and @PlantEsteem are pretty good too!
@Kingb_plants I’m guessing that was is wet…I would repot to get the water at from them immediately, maybe even dry them before putting them in a new pot
Your hen and chicks is gorgeous! @Kingb_plants
Oh my. I’m not sure those guys are gonna make it. The shape of them is wrong which makes me think they’ve already succumbed to root rot. What did they look like when you received them? Lithops will not survive in actual soil like this—they require 90% mineral grit and only 10% soil, because they are extremely sensitive to overwatering.
Agree with @Jana85 and @Lithopslover I was a serial over waterer... I use an eyedropper and wait at least a week before I look again! 😉 Take them out of that soil and let them dry a bit. Good luck! These guys are so interesting 🥰
@Jana85 they looked exactly like this when I received them. Thank you I will definitely repot them asap!
@Kingb_plants if they looked like that, I would complain to the person who sold them to you, because they should not have looked that way. They should have arrived looking like nice plump little Lithops. Even being shipped does not usually affect Lithops negatively.
@Jana85 I thought they looked a little off but just thought they were stressed from shipment. I contacted seller and they’re sending me new ones asap!
@Jana85 thanks for the advice!
@Kingb_plants I’m glad they’re sending new ones! You deserve to have healthy plants.

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