Posted 1M ago by @SirPurplevetch

I think my plant is dying. It's feels so crunchy... What ...

1ft to light, direct
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
What does the soil feel like right before you water it? If it's drying out too much between waterings, you might need to adjust your schedule. Misting may help as well!
Be sure she has some good draining soil and drainage maybe try indirect light.
Prolly to much sun
I mist mine daily and she seems OK, nice and green
Try a 3 in 1 fungicide/insecticide/Miticide neem oil Spray. Mine seemed to get better after using it. But it’s still horrible.
Also….every app tells me to water and take care of it DRAMATICALLY different.
Mine is horrible but after some research I ended up buying a 3-n-1 neem oil spray and it looked better the next day. But mine is still discolored and crispy with moist soil. And one app tells me to water every 2 days and the other app tells me every 2 weeks ??