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My plants leaves are closing? I rehabbed it from Home Depot and every night I notice that one of the leaves closes up like a pamphlet and the new growth has tiny yellow spots. Any ideas of what this could be?
8” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
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Thanks for the tag @sarahsalith .
@TawaMari this is brown spot. You’re seeing sporulation. It happens when plants are overwatered or kept in damp, constantly warm conditions.

I would also ask you this: how big is the plant versus the pot? Plants don’t need large pots if the roots don’t demand more room. This is one of the largest causes of fungus infections: water soaked roots causing defoliation. If your pot is too big, take it down to the size required. Snug roots are in favor when it comes to plants. Also, watch your watering amount. Smaller plants need less water.

Try using a copper-based fungicide to control the spores. Use it on the leaves. Also, if it’s still in the sand soil as it was when you adopted it, change the soil by discarding the old, cleaning the roots, let them breathe a bit, any black or mushy parts should be trimmed off, clean the pot and add fresh soil after you’ve allowed the roots to breathe a few hours.

This damage doesn’t go away but I would also look and see if you have any scale on the stems or base of leaves. Scale insects suck the sap of tender plant parts and leaves are always the favorite.

Looks for thrips could be starting up too. These insects love to come out after 10pm so this is important to take the time to look after 10 and see what exactly is going on with your baby.
@FitSedum @wolfwoman @HoyaAddict @jcPlantProper do y'all have any suggestions for Mari?
@FitSedum thank you so much for the suggestions! I did keep the rootball together and just repotted it into a pot of the same size. I may have overwatered the day I transported. If it is overwatering would I still have to worry about fungus infection? Trying to keep this bad girl alive💜
@FitSedum @sarahsalith here’s also a picture of the folded leaf I mentioned with a regular one for comparison. It folds and unfolds throughout the day. Just trying to educate myself as much as possible!
Pot size as well! Thank you all for your help 💜
@TawaMari I believe that's going to open and move as it gets sun throughout the day.

Maybe @FitSedum can confirm.
@sarahsalith just have it a thorough look over and turns out I have spider mites again 😭
@TawaMari aw MAN! I'm sorry.

If you have plants, you'll have bugs.
@sarahsalith very true! This is only the second time in 3 years so I’m doing something right! Always happens when I bring in new plants too so I’ll be more proactive in the future!
Thanks for the tag, @sarahsalith .
@TawaMari , I think what you are seeing is a sign of overwatering. It’s not that it’s closing but it’s trying to tell you it’s been overwatered. It’s called “leaf curling” and it happens when it’s trying to communicate a problem and trying to protect itself. Start with the pest infestation and roots, soil moisture. If that doesn’t fix it, it could not be getting enough light. If that doesn’t help, try giving it a potassium based fertilizer in liquid form so it is instantly fed. Try to keep the soil consistently moist so that it doesn’t dry up entirely but it shouldn’t sit in water. If that doesn’t help, get a small ultrasonic humidifier to help it get the right humidity. You can work on all of these things right now since you’ll eventually need the fertilizer and humidifier later in the yea otherwise, the leaves will begin to curl up again.

FTR, my Regal Shield curls thrives well in 55-65% humidity, daily very lite waterings and liquid orchid leaf mist in her soil. No leaf curling at all once I got a schedule going. If I’m going to be away, I leave her in a water tray with 2 inches of water to pull from daily. Keep in mind that mine is in a 12 inch pot that is 9 inches tall. The soil wicks the water upwards when she needs it. I don’t have to worry while away. You can try bottom watering with a small tray too once you check the soil and let it breathe a bit if it’s over- watered. The purpose it to not let the roots sit in water but above it so they can stretch and get what they need only. This also helps the soil or growing medium damp as this plant requires you to do so.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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