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Plant #4!
The fourth plant that needs a name is my second polka dot plant lol!
One fun detail is that she has red and white leaves, and that she lives in the kitchen. 😊

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6” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
I always love the basics like dotty or scarlet!
4M ago
Francine, Franny for short
Dotty do right πŸ˜„
they might be giants has a hilarious song named 'the famous polka'. i named my polka dot plant 'king hippo' bc it was labeled as 'hippo pink' when i bought it online, but i like 'the famous polka' way better. i think i'm gonna rename it haha
Pygmalion, Fidget, or Yancy
Dorothy Gale from the wizard of oz
Minnie for Minnie Mouse?
Dot is usually a nickname for Dorothy 😊
@Hypsie Omygah that was the first thing that came to my minddd🀧
What about Speckle? It’s another good word for β€œpolka dot.” Or Freckle? If you had two, you could make them a pair. :)

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