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I have this Draceana and just noticed the new leaves are brown on the tips. Should I remove? It seems to want lots of water as the soil gets dry very quickly.
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It could be a couple of things. It may be time to repot, if your plant is quite large for its pot you’ll have to water more. If you don’t think it’s that it could also be the soil- if it’s too airy for the plant it may not be holding onto the moisture it needs ex. A succulent mix won’t hold onto as much as a regular potting mix. And lastly, it could be what you’re watering with. Tap water can have a lot of chemicals in it like fluoride etc that isn’t great for plants. Brown leaf tips is generally the indicator for that as well. I generally fill my jug and let it sit open at least overnight to evaporate some of those chemicals off before watering. Hope that gives you some ideas to start with!
@Morrigani thanks, I actually repotted about a month ago (see pics) as it had grown a lot. Is the new one still too small?

I'm in the UK, so just picked up some houseplant soil from the store. It may be too airy. I will check what it contained. Only recently started not watering with tap water. Just use cheap still water, but will take the suggestion on tap water overnight.

How often should I water?
That will totally depend on your house and climate and if it’s close to a vent etc. But I believe dracena like the first couple inches of soil to be dry between waterings.
@PlantsbyPav I agree with @Morrigani on it may be time to repot. From the looks of it, it may be root bound in it’s pot. Make sure to get a pot with drainage when you do a repot.
@PlantsbyPav by adding your plants to Greg and putting the size of pot it’s in, the app will tell you how much to water it takes to water it. I use regular tap water. I have just recently started using milk jugs that I have cleaned and mixed in my plant food/fertilizer so when my plants are ready to be watered I have the water already set. Plus it helps with eliminating some of what’s in my water. We have a lot of chlorine in our water here in Oliver Springs TN USA.
Thanks @KikiGoldblatt I'll take the comments on board. A bit hesitant to repot yet though as I only did so in Feb. I have noticed the stalk/trunk isn't growing bigger but the top leaves are.

If I repot will need to find elsewhere to place him as he will too big for the windowsill 😆

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