Posted 2M ago by @FavoredMandrake

I’ve just discovered pests on my plant 😧 and don’t know h...

3ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
What do the pests look like?
One lot look like tiny black flys or mosquitoes. They are crawling through the soil and on the plant. The others are like tiny little spiders, if that helps
@FavoredMandrake that’s fungus gnats, you’re probably watering your succulent too much if you have those. do you have access to mosquito bits? the tiny spider looking things might be spider mites if they’re leaving webbing around
@strawberrymoon I can get mosquito drops from and pot traps from my local Bunnings
@FavoredMandrake that sounds like a good idea! a few mosquito bits in the soil should kill the larva, and hopefully the traps will do the same for the adults. if not, you can make those vinegar traps
Thanks for the advice 😊
Carefully wipe leaves with alcohol pad or spray separating from other plants