Posted 2w ago by @Esther2005

i think my chinese money plant is dying
the main stalk has all very droopy leaves, and i think they will fall off within a week. the other branching bit looks completely fine and is growing a new leaf. any suggestions to try and save my plant?
#ChineseMoneyPlant #Pilea
Increase watering. I know it sounds crazy. Especially if it’s in a a clay pot. Bright indirect light too.
Yes! Increase watering! She looks thirsty! I’ve had to start watering mine a few times a week because of all the new growth.
Chinese money plants get suuuper dramatic when thirsty and basically droop as their method of frowning and saying they are thirsty. Dramatic af. They do tend to shed leaves more often than most - if you think you’re going to lose one, you can be proactive and cut it off with a clean blade - taking a chunk of the stem with it if you can do so without it dropping off - stick that in water and you’ll soon have another propagating. I’ve been doing this for awhile and have several money plants growing happily!
That pot looks large and may be holding too much moisture. I would go dryer but don’t repot yet as shock may finish it off.

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