Posted 1M ago by @IconPropagation

#Pomelo young leaves drying out

I have a 60cm pomelo gifted from a friend. It has big leaves that completely dried out and dropped. New leaves started to grow, but now even the young leaves are starting to dry out from the sides. Any ideas?
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Looks like you might need to increase your watering schedule. How often do you water it currently?
Looks like under watering but I don’t know
I water about once or twice a week, when the soil feels dry. I decided to look at the roots, and realized the roots were very overgrown, a lot of them dead. And the soil was super hard. I changed the soil and moved the plant into a larger pot. Perhaps it couldn’t get nutrients and water because it was so root bound. I have been watering more often now and we will see if it recovers.