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So my echeveria Lola is currently the winner of best in health in my grow tent. I love her and she’s beautiful@but I don’t think she blushes at all, I can turn the led light up but I’m scared it will burn her, does anyone see blush in her? what are the chances of her getting burned if I go brighter?

You can always turn up the light and check on her hourly to make sure it isn't burning.

I believe it will take time (and light) to become sunstressed. @vvvelo would know for sure.

Kdawg- you've come so far! Your plant looks so great!
@sarahsalith if I check on her hourly what should I look for to see if light is too bright? Also thank you I’m very proud of her she hasn’t lost a single leaf yet
It also depends on the color of light. I guess it is spectrum side of the light. To go in stress succulents need bright white light like sun. If your grow light does not provide enough WHITE light then you won’t see any red color on your Lola . Here is my Lola, she is slightly pink at the top. I keep her under Barrina grow light and she also gets afternoon sun from the west window.
@vvvelo could you attach the photo Please? Iwant to compare, my grow light is full spectrum so I think the white light should be good (it’s got ultra violet infra red all the colors). If turn the light up what could I check hourly to see if I’m gonna light burn it or not?
@Lithopslover here are couple pics of my Lola.
@Lithopslover you can see the difference on this photo. Blue circle- pinkish leaves, red circle - bare green leaf.
@vvvelo so pretty 😍
@Lithopslover thx! But she is elongated. This is what my old growlight did to her. Now I have new growlight.
@vvvelo hope the spyder and sun is keep her happy!
@Lithopslover oh no she is under Barrina. I was thinking on beheading her.

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