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Succulent shop!
Anyone know a good, trustworthy place to buy *healthy* succulents that are not too terribly expensive? I don't trust Amazon 😏 #succulentsquad
Planet desert & leaf and clay online have gorgeous succulents not sure if you consider them expensive or not tho
Thanks, I've never heard of either of them, I'll check them out!
I'm all for Planet Desert, but a few I got from Leaf and Clay but the dust. They started declining and they didn't recover.
@vvvelo knows his succs! Maybe he can give you some shops! (:
I love #EastAustinSucculents !
I like leaf & clay. So far so good with them.
Got to v
Check out east Austin bank account is gonna hate me @RJG
OMG! @RJG imma have so many cacti.....I got a Christmas cactus and a plant I haven't seen since I was in Tucson!!
Thanks y'all!!
I recommend this store on Etsy. I have got succulents from it recently. They came in a very good condition. Here is the link
Also this store sent me a very good pack of 5succulents recently. They all came in a very good condition. No damages at all.
I get my succs on Etsy! Make sure the store has AT LEAST 2k-5k reviews and read the negatives as well (if they have bad shipping, unhealthy plants, etc).
@kscape Great, great advice!
I checked out the Artesian Alley @vvvelo, they've got nice succulents... I'm looking at getting more String of Dolphins πŸ˜‰
@Sassylimey oh cool! 😈🀩 I’m looking at different colorful Echeverias now. Even I already says that I don’t want to deal with them, but now I have new growlights that may work better for Echeveria
Yeah my echeveria that I rescued isn't happy... Not sure about those. @vvvelo
@Sassylimey string of dolphins has been on my wishlist for so long!
I love string of dolphins @UnbiasedTree they look like little Dolphins in the air. I have one that is kinda sad right now, but I really want more πŸ₯°

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