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Worth it to propgate?
I have a very stretched sedum (even with a grow light it ended up this way). There are 3 stems, and 2 are producing nice little branches and leaves! The 3rd one isn't, should I just remove all the leaves/cut some stems and try to grow another plant under grow light? #jellybeans #sedum
4” pot with drainage
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Definitely worth it! Sedums readily send out roots when propagated! :)
@ShibaSunroom @angelikam thank you! It hasn't happened yet this week because I am in need of another pot but will pot updates when I do :)
Here's the wee tiny Sedum Burro I propagated from the mother plant! (Lol, 1.5" pot πŸ˜†), and the windowsill plant rack & mother plant (yellow pot) for scale.
@ShibaSunroom oh wow! Thats so cute. I have a tiny 1.5 inch as well, I guess I could start off with that :)
@ShibaSunroom would you recommend I put the propogated leaves in a pot with drainage?
@pettiteplants yup, definitely drainage. You want to prevent soggy soil that would cause the propagated leaves to rot

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