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does she need repotting?
#PhalaenopsisOrchid i’ve had this orchid for probably over a year now and she’s still thriving :) just wondering when i need to repot her and how to do so as i’ve never reported an orchid. :) thanks for the help!
0ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
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@plantymcplant in my opinion no it doesn’t. That’s my orchid that I’ll repot maybe next year.
@KikiGoldblatt alright thank you! beautiful orchid you have there 😇
@plantymcplant same to you. 🥰🥰
Whoa @KikiGoldblatt those roots are so vibrant and green! 💚💚💚
I would re-pot it now and when you do go with Orchid parts they have holes in them for him to breathe
Thriving?….. some dryed up roots. Still a baby?
@AshleysEvrgreen the dried up roots have been there since i got it, yes it’s still a baby. but i say thriving because no leaves have ever browned or died and it continues making new ones all the time :) she also has a bloom coming out i think if you notice the green stem coming out of the leaves on the back!
Looks great. It’s good to remove the dead roots too.
@AshleysEvrgreen just did that and moved it to a little bigger of a pot :) thanks for the advice
@plantymcplant the green thing coming out the back is a root

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