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Sweet basil struggling
My sweet basil's large leaves are getting this grey pattern on it. Does anyone know what is wrong with it? I am a new plant parent and my thumb is not very green!
3ft to light, direct
4” pot
Last watered 6 months ago
How much water and light does it get? I find mine to be pretty greedy about both, so I water very frequently and keep it under grow lights. Could you also post a pic showing the full plant? Could be that it’s too crowded β€” basil you buy at the store often is
Could also be something fungal?
It looks like it could be a fungus - maybe downy mildew. @meghanlw has a lot of experience with basil
Here's the full plant. I got it last November or December and have been watering it about once a week until the water comes out the bottom. The window is east facing and maybe it does not get enough light? Only 2-3 hours in the morning when it's not too foggy. I also experimented with using a plant straw because I was going to be away for the holidays but that didn't seem like it was working too well, but it means that for 3 weeks there was a damp cord in the soil while I was also watering it using a timed pump.
Definitely looks like it needs more water and sun. Herbs like 6-8 hours of sun. And my herbs get watered every 3 days or so. I use a moisturize meter and check the soil. I don’t want them to get dry any more than an inch or 2 down.
Agreed with above. For sure needs more water and light. I’m not sure what the weather is like for your area, but outside is best for basil. Full ass sun… which also usually means watering once to twice a day.
Ok thanks I will try putting it on my porch and watering it more often!

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