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Do you have a four season sun room / solarium / conservatory / etc.?
My husband and I have been talking about adding a sunroom into our house and would really like it to be usable year-round. Obviously it would be amazing for the plants, but I also think I'd probably never leave it!

Do any of you have experience with growing plants in one? Especially in a place with four seasons?

Any other input?

Additional info: it would be on the WSW side of our house which is the same side as our solar array so it's about 80%, give or take. It would get late morning, mid day, and early afternoon sun from about 10/11a-4p.

(Moonshine photo for attention).
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Sounds wonderful and you can always use shades to filter the light
Moonshine got my attentions. 😍
@PlantMompy yes shades is a good idea, ones that will filter light.
I designed one of these for a client. We made sure it had air vents fir air exchange as well as air conditioning and heating. It had a water tap and a floor drain so she could hose off the cobblestone floor and not worry about water standing in the floor. It had a few electrical outlets as well as overhead lights and rigs for hanging baskets overhead. Transom windows tilted outwards for summer ventilation of humidity. All I can say is that she loves that room and sits in it every moment she gets. Her pups have beds in there to hang out while she’s caring for her plants. It’s definitely a room anyone would grow well in. Three years later, I still get random texts about how it’s their favorite room since they have an entire patio seating set in there and can enjoy the outdoors without being outdoors and exposed to bugs and the elements.
@FitSedum literally my DREAMMMM. The bugs around here are crazy so we aren't outside as much as I'd like in the evening, and winter is my favorite time of year so to sit in a snow globe would be 😍. I never even thought about designing it FOR plants. This is amazing, thank you!
@PlantMompy I was raised in New England so when I moved to Texas, I found a lot of people wanted the Four Seasons room done the “right way”. My rear covered patio is not large enough for all that but I am either building my own conservatory here or expanding the roof line and concrete to enclose that covered patio. I prefer clear roofs but I’ll take the shingle roof since we are often in a volatile climate during Winter and Spring at my elevation. Get your ideas together about what you’d like to do with the room every season of the year and make sure you stay true to your goals. It may cost more, however, it will be well worth it because you paid for its multi-functionality and won’t have to build additionally afterwards. Get it done right the first time and don’t forget about your comfort nor your plant collection’s comfort in Autumn and Winter. I know exactly how it gets up there. I’ll be honest and say that I miss it. I’ll take Winter with temps in the 20s every year over what we get here. Best of luck on your room! 🌿

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