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What species is this?
I got it from a farmers market this past weekend and the plant wasn’t labeled. Any ideas?
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Here's a picture of one. Summer, your plant looks very healthy, young, and compact. I hope you find the name for it soon! (: 
@Summerbrittany let me ask my friend @sarahsalith if she knows. @Gordo do you know? I looked but couldn’t figure it out.
@KikiGoldblatt I tried the google photo search and nothing came up… maybe it’s just a mystery 😂
It's beautiful! At first I thought it was a Philodendron fat boy, but the leaves are too round and I think the fat boy has longer leaves.

I've heard of a philodendron hybrid called an apple. Maybe that's what it is. 
I’m no help in determining the species of your plant, but it looks very healthy!
@sarahsalith Thank you! This is one of the healthiest plants I have ever had and I hope to keep it that way! The Philodendron Apple seems like the closest to how it looks, so I’m thinking you might be right!
It is a Philodendron, green princess. I just picked up one myself last night.
I second the "Philodendron Green Princess." I'm not sure if that is an official sub species, but it does look like the same hybrid belonging to Philodendron Birkin, except minus the variegation. When I bought mine, it was labelled as Birkin, and it's all green like yours.
@Kanteen There is a green birkin that doesn't have the variegation like the regular birkin. I love philodendrons; I want them ALL! Lol
@AwesomePlants but I have a suspicion that the green Birkin and green princess is the same plant. That's why I think we should start using the it's Latin name 🙌

I love all philodendrons too! Everything that makes my place look like a jungle!

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