Posted 3w ago by @FreshCatnip

Is moving my plant outside when there’s a lot of sunlight a good idea?
I usually put my plant by the window where there is mostly direct sunlight
6” pot
Last watered 4 weeks ago
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Sometimes it can cause the leaves to burn if the plant is not used to direct light. Your information says it’s getting direct light so should be okay. Maybe slowly increasing the direct light if you want to play it safe. The plant I think would appreciate the higher temperatures and humidity outside.
I don’t know if i would put it in the sun for a while. If you do, just keep it out there for a few hours and then bring it in. I would do this like once or twice a week.
i read that pearl echeverias can withstand cold temps, and that they like bright, direct light so i’m sure it would be fine to put them outdoors.
@plantlover01 Thanks for the information! I’ll put Leafy outside for a couple hours then bring it in!
@arden Thanks for helping :)
@Gordo Thank you!!
agree with gordon- let them acclimate and they’ll be fine. my echeveria lives outside (i bring them indoors at night tho) and is super happy!! i’ll keep them indoors if it’s raining and they can handle a couple days of that.

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