Posted 1Y ago by @StarryArugula

Dont want to over water. Need help.
What type of plant is this #happyplants
5” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
It looks like a string of turtles. I would water less frequently and give it filtered light .
@StarryArugula It kind of looks like String of Turtles. Can you take a closer picture?
I would think it’s a Pilea Depressa.
If it is I’d water it when the first inch of the soil is dry, not letting it get fully dry.
Hope this helps, good luck ☺️
My first thought is also string of turtles but they look a little stressed already. I agree that a closer up photo of the leaves would help us ID better.
So cute!! πŸ’š I'm by no means an expert** It looks like baby's tears aka Soleirolia soleiroli.
I hope this helps!