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Nutrient deficiency?

#Philodendron my plant is not looking great on one of the leaves! I fertilize with a 10/15/10 and recently put it in a terracotta pot with drainage in a semi chunky soil mix. Cant tell whats going on with my joepii! Help?
5” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
I have so many questions and it's bedtime. (:

Can you take a picture of the whole plant?

Is it that the only leaf that's going that?

Is it a bottom leaf or a top leaf?

I'm so glad you found Greg, Kirsten! There are may #Philodendron lovers on here! You can join the #PhiloFlock!
@AwesomePlants are you up? Can you help out Kirsten?
@sarahsalith such a fast response, i didnt realize you had commented! So far this is the only leaf turning yellow. I recently bought it and received from an online seller but dont remember who. Cant tell if its bottom or top because of the growth pattern in the pot.
@sarahsalith It sits about 4’ under a broad spectrum grow light and about 3’ from a filtered south window. Temp in my apt is about 72-74 degrees at all times and my humidifier runs 24/7 between 40 and 49% humidity.
Sorry I didn't get on Greg yesterday. I was cutting the grass and got stuck in the mud. Fun times.

Thank you for the pictures! It looks like that leaf is just damaged. You can pinch it off at the base of the leaf stem and call it a day. (:

Sometimes yellow leaves happen and I wouldn't be too worried since it's just one and it's very new.
@sarahsalith it still feels pretty solid and firm despite yellowing. I actually treated it with some chelated iron before i came back on greg to see your post! Ill wait to see what happens and update here! Thank you so much!
Awesome! Let me know how it grows! I'll be super-excited to see it it comes back from yellow!
@sarahsalith updateπŸ˜‚ one more leaf ended up yellowing! Both died off. The two new shoots that were incoming ended up growing faster, so im think it pulled an alocasia trick. One leaf dies so the other can grow!