Posted 3w ago by @ManyLime

Hey question about the new android update... I watered a plant by accident and I somehow can't figure out how to undo it with the new update... am I missing something?
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If you scroll down to the bottom of the plant card do you have a timeline?
@RJG it shows like a curve that shows the previous day I watered, today's watering day then the next estimated watering day. But I can't click on anything. I can screen shot if what I wrote doesn't make sense. I'm sleepy so it might not lol
That would be great!
Timeline hasn’t been released on #Android yet but is in the works. For now there isn’t a way to Undo. We might see if we can get that little functionality out sooner because it’s definitely a pain. Sorry for the inconvenience @ManyLime! Thanks for letting us know
@rjg I'm sorry I fell asleep😩 working nights is rough. @alex ahhhhhh ok.
@ManyLime and what @RJG said. But if your and Android user it’s not released yet like @alex said.

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