Posted 4w ago by @NimbleSweetbaby

white cobwebs in soil?
i just bought this a few hours ago and i was going to repot it, but i don’t want it to infect any other plants!! help
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I may be stupid but I think those are its roots ^^ sometimes the roots look fuzzy like that. If worried about pests though quarentine the plant for a week or so to make sure it doesn't infect anything else if that is the case, and spray foliage with dilute sensitive dish soap.
One of the my new plants looks like this too when I took it out the pot. I thought that was just what the roots looked like.
Ryn is correct. Those are its roots.
thank you all! i was terrified i already did something wrong lol
After a little research. Your plant has a fibrous root system. These roots basically envelope the soil to prevent erosion of the soil they also can absorb the fertilizers more efficiently than the taproot system. however unlike plants with a taproot system, these fibrous roots don't tolerate drought, so you may have to water this plant more frequently, follow Greg's watering schedule!

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