Posted 1Y ago by @Viola

Question about the Greg App
I am fairly new to Greg and am really enjoying it except for the ‘crashing’. It seems the more plants I add, the more it crashes. Does this happen to anyone else? If so, any tips? Thanks In advance.
I don't have that problem. Have you seen if there is any app update or something ?
I don't have half of plants you have, so I don't know if that relate on how many plant you add.
Sometimes if my internet is slow due to a lot of use it’s a bit lagging and will not load my plant pictures, but apart from that it is great. I did se others have also said the same thing. As @LittleCrow has said check your updates for the app.
Greg hasn’t crashed on me yet ( tho I don’t have many plants! ). If it helps, deleting an app then reinstalling it and immediately restarting my phone has helped a glitchy app before.
Mine really only crashes if I scroll through the plants too fast when trying to add a particular plant to a photo in a story. Lately it doesn't crash any other time but that.

Sometimes it may load stuff slowly and I can't tell what any of my plants are for aaaaaages in my oasis unless I click on random grey squares for it to open the profile...but no crashes except for adding plants to a story.