Posted 3w ago by @plantmawma

How can I find my expert question within the app?
Hey #supergreg users, does anyone know how I can track down a question I asked in 'Get Expert Advice?' I can't find it! Thank you #GregGang #Communities #help
did you add any hashtags or anything to it?
@RJG no I didn't. I didn't realize I needed to
@plantmawma you don't! It just would have made it easier to find. Do you know about when in time you asked it
@RJG I found it when the person replied! Thank you! I was moreso wondering if it was available to be viewed easily from my home screen or somewhere
@plantmawma that's on our roadmap for the future for sure!
@RJG that’s awesome πŸ‘ to hear because I always wanna go back to find posts as well. Thank you.

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