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#TriostarStromanthe Ok this has gotta be my favorite plant. But she’s a bit of a diva. It just pushed out a new leaf like two weeks ago. Seemingly at the same time brown tips/crispy edges showed up. Is this a lighting issue too? It was sharing the same shelf as my rattle snack plant until I separated them for acting up. Any tips?
12ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
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Hi Karen I have mine on a bowl of stones with water up to the bottom of the pot. Not sitting in water I also mist mine probably every other day. Mine is doing great Good luck
I don’t have much tips as mine browns up a lot too, I keep mine in humidity of 70%, under a grow light for 16 ish hours, and water it every 5 days, and it’s still being a drama queen lol how much more do you want from me #TriostarStromanthe 😩
I desperately put mine in leca, after brutally scrubbing the roots. He’s so happy. I keep his cache pot with water in it. No extra humidity needed.
I spritz mine about every other day. Our humidity level is about 60%. Seems to be doing well. It was shouting lots of new sprouts where I had it so I put it a lower light corner to tame it back some. 😬

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