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Soil always moist

#ZzPlant I have a beautiful Zz in a 10 inch pot that’s soil is almost always moist- it takes about 3 months to dry out. I have previously overwatered the plant and had root rot, so it’s still recovering, but despite a real chunky soil (perlite, orchid bark, cactus soil) it’s still always moist on my moisture meter! I do keep it during the week in a mostly shady spot far from a grow light but on weekends I put it in pretty decent light by a storm door. It keeps putting out new leaves too but then also there are occasional yellow stems. What soil mix do you use for these? Thank you!
10ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
I’ve noticed plastic pots tend to retain moisture. A clay/terracota pot with the inside unglazed should help pull some moisture from the soil to dry it out faster
@GooseandFerd This is a plant that you should treat like a snake plant. I’m wondering if the pot isn’t to big ? I had one that I lost due to the pot being to big . Though I got a new plant and leave it in a 5 inch pot that it really likes . I’m thinking they might like being tight hence the snake . I’m not sure that the type of pot matters just keep it tight and smaller . I don’t even look at mine between watering. Less is definitely better with this guy . The root ball allows it to store water for long periods of time . Best of luck 🀞
I was having the same issue with mine, try repotting to a terracotta pot:)
I repotted mine with new regular soil, but I only put about half a shotglass of water in the base (self-watering pot). I pinched off all of mushy roots and rizomes, and it seems happy now. I wouldn't water it for a while and put it where it can dry out a bit.