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Hi there, my mom has had this ivy plant for over 20 years. She recently noticed some leaves drying out a few weeks ago, and pulled them off. She has had success cutting back the plant in the past, but this time it seems to be struggling. Does anyone have advice for saving it, or is it too late? Please help!
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Good eye, @Shaubplantshack! That's Devils Ivy- another name for Golden Pothos.

Hannah- you can probably save the plant. There's still green on the stems and that's good. I would recommend what Jamie said and repot the plant. Repotting the plant will also give you a chance to have a look at the roots.

You have several options: first, I'd water the plant. Water it well.

Then carefully repot it with new, fresh soil in the same pot or in a pot with a drainage hole.

Then keep it out of direct light for a while- pothos aren't fans of direct light, it can dry them out too fast or sunburn their leaves.

If, when you repot it, the roots don't look good, you can wash off the stems, clip them, and root them in water or root them in a prop box. Water is usually my go-to when I'm rooting pothos. (Please pay no attention to my green water ๐Ÿ˜ฌ I'll change it, I promise!)

Either way, pothos are tough plants. (: I'm sure you can do it!!

Jamie knows what's going on, too. If you have questions, you can tag either of us.

I'm glad you found Greg! ๐Ÿ’š
i have no experience with this plant iโ€™m so sorry! but i hope you find a answer soon and i hope itโ€™s save able !! ๐ŸŒฟ
From the stems it almost looks like a pothos. I would recommend cutting off the dead stems. Taking it out of the pot, check the roots. Then repot it into a smaller pot. The one stem. Still has green. So, there is hope. Also water very sparingly until you see new growth, then gradually increase the water frequency.
Afterthought- new well draining soil might also promote growth. She looks like she is in stagnant soil. Hope this all helps and please keep us posted.
@Shaubplantshack @sarahsalith - thank you both for your advice! I agree that the plant is likely long overdue for repottingโ€ฆ Iโ€™ll try to save it and update you with my progress :).

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