Posted 3w ago by @sarahhjonesy

um? can anyone identify these bugs?
i am so disgusted 🀒 she was doing bad for a little bit, so i gave her more water. she started developing new growth and these bugs are all over the new stuff
0ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
maybe they are aphids?
@madecroft i’m having an aphid infestation on my other plant and they are all small and green! could be though??? so weird
@sarahhjonesy white aphids are a thing too! i like to use the google lens and take a picture of the bugs to see if it can identify it exactly!
Ah oh no!! It’s mealy bug 🀒
Mealie bugs they are horrible!
@jcPlantProper omgg this is definitely it. what do i do next? how do i protect my other plants? 😭
@sarahhjonesy keep it away from the other plants and remove the dead leaves. Spray it down with soapy water or alcohol! Those bugs go after dead or dying leaves
@jcPlantProper thank you so much omg! i freaked out and cut off a bunch new growth because i freaked out hahahah. i got rid of all the heavy stuff and i’ll spray her down with some insecticide!!! they are so nasty bleh! thank you πŸ’•
@sarahhjonesy alcohol and q-tip to kill them and then start adding a systematic in your soil
@Boymom-plantmom omg thank you so much!! i’ve got some safers insecticide as well πŸ₯°

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