Posted 1M ago by @Dystephian

My leaves are closing up, please help. Should I repot?

5” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
It says you watered 2 hr ago. When was the last time before that?
Very susceptible to root rot from overwatering OR it is root bound but usually you would see discoloration in leaves due to lack of nutrients as well.
@TheLunarGardens probably 5 days
@TheLunarGardens I think about root rot too.. repotted it an hour ago and saw that there were white stuff at the bottom
@TheLunarGardens what does root bound mean? i fertilized it a while ago too
Might be a case of overwatering and sunburn. My echeveria is only watered when the soil is completely dry, allowing the water to move through the drainage holes. You might also want to move the plant into the shade for a few days as it says it gets 6+ hrs of direct sunlight just so it has some time to heal up before placing back in full sun. You can also try to get some succulent food to provide nutrients it may be lacking 😊πŸͺ·
@Shaayyxoxo i repotted it and stilll observing any changes… I placed it inside the house for now as you advised, thank you so much
@Dystephian yes white stuff at the bottom is most likely mold. I water my succulents once a week when the soil has dried out between watering. This insures there's no standing moisture inside the soil that the roots could be sitting in. Mine are well established in full sun, healthy root bounds with excellent drainage...EXCELLENT. Root bound means the roots are taking over the pot. You can see this when roots are trying to grow out of the bottom or when the plant is losing color because the soil can't hold anymore nutrients. Also, if it seems you're watering too much compared to suggestions the could be a sign your soil isn't holding any moisture. Check that there is no coco coir in the potting mix which creates a stiff top soil that is hard for water to penetrate when it dries. Shoot for sand, gravel and perlite to aerate your soil. Succulents prefer to be slightly root bound than to be floating in a large pot but they need..I say again EXCELLENT drainage. :)
@Dystephian for now, let your succulent rest if it's been repotted and moved. Before repotting check the roots for rot. If necessary, disinfect the roots with deluted peroxide (research) then let your succulent air out for a day. This will keep any rot from spreading. Don't water after repotting. Slowly bring her back into the sun. Most succulents LOVE direct sun, especially echeveria so I would guess any discoloration to yours is mainly due to lack of nutrients at this point and browning I believe is still because of the moisture issue. Don't add fertilizer. Just let her roots heal so she can start sucking them out of the new soil you put her into. (Or is it a him? Lol). I'll be honest. Succulents were my inside gardens first everest. I would say understanding any plants natural habitat is probably the easiest way to mimic it. Plants are able to evolve and adapt to different needs, yes but they thrive in these natural habitats for a reason. Research the soil, how to build your own. It will save you time, money and headaches wondering what happened to your plant. Good luck! :)