Posted 3w ago by @Lilipop12

We bought our with this soil wrapped all around its roots...

1ft to light, indirect
Last watered 2 weeks ago
If I'm understand correctly then ya, this kind of plant growth very thin but dense roots so you often see them like that, binding the soil tightly. It drive me crazy because the soil used holds water too long or it's just really hard. It makes it hard to figure out watering when repotting in other soil to me and I prefer a more gravelly soil so I tend to remove as much of it as I can during repotting even if it means removing some roots.
@Goldenquetzal yes!!! Iā€™m always so confused as to whether or not Iā€™m giving it enough water
@Lilipop12 clear pots are great for seeing soil and root condition, otherwise just look for soft and/or droopy leaves. I personally like potting mine in a gravel like mix with a no drainage in a pot you can see into. I only let water fill to about an 1inch depending on the pot then I water when it's entirely dry and I haven't had an issue with root rot as long as I remove that chunk off first. I scratched a little viewing area on the bottom of this one.
If you try it out beware of water retention issues with the plant, where the plant takes in too much water in it leaves. In this plant it took me a bit to find out how much water it likes in this condition so now it has these marks. It just grows so much that it always acted under watered when I had drainage on it.