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#plantfacts I just read this from I never knew this about the #ZebraPlant
"[The Zebra Plant] is also popular among plant enthusiasts, and people love keeping them at home. But in most cases, these plants hardly survive as houseplants.

The reason is their temperature sensitivity. The Zebra plant needs indirect light and must be kept at 21 degrees Centigrade. [69.8Β° Fahrenheit]

A little too high or too low temperature can damage this plant.

Moreover, Zebra plants also need high humidity. It cannot survive in dry soil.

If you fail to maintain the high humidity level of the soil, you will lose it." #TheMoreYouKnow #PlantAddict #DramaticPlants
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
when people say zebra plant i always thought of haworthia fasciata!! i see they have a houseplant twin lol
Interesting. I may pass on this one.
Mine loves direct sun for a few hours 🌞 in north facing window (in Australia so south facing for the norther hemisphere) so long as you keep it moist, it’s happy! Treat it like a peace lily, if you see wilting of the leaves then water and all is well! I’ve even propagated mine twice with ease! Recently placed a cutting in an enclosed vivarium as an experiment!
@HoyaAddict good info!!
I find that with the dry air in California it’s super difficult to keep this plant happy. I’ve used humidifiers next to her, try to keep the temp to her liking but still she’s acting all sorts of crazy πŸ™ˆ

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