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#GoldenPothos I named it marbled queen because thats what I believe it is and my gf reinforces that via saying it is w absolute certainty. Is it really? Or is it just a beautiful golden pothos? (propogated off my dads huge beautiful pothos)
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
I would agree that is is a queen marble pothos. πŸ₯°
Golden pothos is in the back (for reference)
@Shaubplantshack Is that an arrowhead?! 🀩 I want one so bad! Also, if thats an English Ivy in the bottom left, I have one too!
It is and yas!!! I got them at Home Depot
@Shaubplantshack We don’t have a home depot here, I live in such a small town that a lot of the big places either don’t have room or don’t want to be here. I have only Lowes to get plants and sometimes walmart will have a pretty one too!
@Blananaba you can order Home Depot plants online. 😁 they come from Bell nursery. Also you can get a great price on Costa Farm plants at Home Depot too.
I vote marbled queen. My golden Pothos spots are more yellow
@AshleyK It’s always hard to use google to identify, I would search golden pothos and it would show me marbled queens mixed in so I never knew for certain! 🀩
@Blananaba yes they resemble each other closely!
@Blananaba I use leafsnap it lets you identify different plants just by taking pictures. I've used it to identify some of the plants that I'm not familiar with. I'm not sure if its 100% accurate πŸ˜… but I've used it on a few and it was pretty accurate to me
@TheeGreenWitch I have two apps for plants as well! I have an app called β€œPictureThis” and it can try to tell you what it believes the plant is. It’s definitely not 100% accurate and sometimes it doesn’t specify the exact plant and just the genus for example, which is what it did for my β€œgolden pothos” according to that app!
It’s definitely a marble queen! I think the app has a hard time distinguishing between the varieties. When I added in my pothos they all came back as β€˜golden pothos’
Looks like a Marbled Queen to me!
Most definitely, A marbled queen! 😍
marble or snow queen
@frasiersdead Wow, the Snow Queen Pothos is beautiful! Whats the identifying difference in them and a Marbled Queen?
@Blananaba im honestly not sure haha
@Blananaba I believe it’s simply the amount of variegation! From what I understand a lot of people actually consider them to be the same thing πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
150 percent marble queen!! 😍

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