Posted 2Y ago by @nila

Is it too soon to add a moss pole?

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2ft to light, indirect
10โ€ pot without drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
Best Answer
Never! Train them young. You can start with something small and upgrade as it grows or just go for a big one it can grow with for years.
Lol what @Mrsjenger said! But, when they start sprouting aerial roots, it's a sign that they want to climb. So you have time if you want to be lazy lol.
Never too young for a pole, plus then you have less chance of damaging the roots as you pop it in the soil. Leaves tend to grow in bigger if the plant is climbing too!
Agree with @Mrsjenger, you can get ones that slot into each other so you can extend it upwards with the plant! ๐Ÿชด
Thanks everyone! I added a pole. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Never too soon! Please learn from my mistakes haha