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What is this?should I be worried?

Please help. I got it as a cutting. it’s facing an east window, regular soil with sphagnum moss on top… also one of the leaves was sticky underneath and it looked like water droplets #Philodendron #HelpMePlease #planthelp #Question
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
Looks like fungal to me.
Brown spots on a blushing philodendron can be caused by bacteria and are treated with copper-based fungicide spray or bactericides. Other treatments include:
Isolating the plant: Separate the infected plant from other plants to prevent the spread of the fungus
Removing diseased leaves: Use disinfected scissors to remove affected leaves, but don't remove more than a third of the leaves at once
Cleaning the area: Regularly clean the area around the infected plant
Improving airflow: Ensure the plant has good airflow and avoid overhead watering
Keeping the soil dry: Prevent fungal spores from growing by keeping the soil dry
The sticky leaf sounds like a pest. I would definitely cut that leaf off. Do you see any kind of pest?
I also found this on Reddit app but could only take a screenshot .
@buzzie thank you so much I’m going to move her out of the kitchen( we’ve goοΏΌt fruit flys)… so I’m sure that would help some and I’ll definitely treat that leaves
@buzzie i don’t see anything.. but idk what I’m looking for exactly
Blushing philodendrons are susceptible to pests like spider mites, mealybugs, thrips, scales, aphids, fungus gnats, and moths. Here's how to check for them:
spider mites: Look for fine webbing and speckled or yellowing leaves. To test, shake the plant over a white sheet of paper and watch for tiny specks that move. spider mites are very small and can be white, creamy, reddish, or brown.
Mealybugs: Look for fluffy white clusters at the leaf nodes and stems.
Thrips: Look for black fecal spots and silvery scars on the leaves.
Scale: Look for waxy bumps on the leaves.
General pests: Examine the leaves, especially the undersides, for small specks, sticky sap, or crawling bugs.
I found this on the internet with pics of the pest. A magnifying glass works great too.
@buzzie omg thank you so much
Have you given it a small light wipe down? I try to wipe down all new plant leaves when I bring them in the house, more for efod eggs & such, however, it may help