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#Dieffenbachia gnatalie was named because she had a fungus gnat issue. But even then, she was perky with leaves pointing upright. We used mosquito tea made from bits and need oil and the gnats are fine, however when I review the photos (check my oasis and the progress on her) she stull has new growth but is just kind of droopy and sad looking. Anything wrong? She hasn’t moved. Is she too big for her pot maybe? Thank you!
0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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I would try sizing up the pot. When was it last repotted? If it’s been a while, even some fresh soil might help. I see it’s also listed as outdoor. I’ve only ever kept mine indoors and they seem to do well. Maybe try moving it indoors, or just at night to see if that helps. Please keep me posted, dieffenbachias are easily some of my favorite plants!
I couldn’t see the progress images… But how far from the windows is she?
@PlantJedi i think you’d have to go to my oasis and look at all her photos. She lives on our screened in patio and gets indirect light. Most of my plants seem to love it there.
@HeyNicePlants I got her in January and repotted her at that time. Do you think I should try a repot first or an indoors move first?
@FirstCeratiola are you talking about the reel photos? I believe only you can see those photos after 24 hours.

I wouldn’t repot a dieffenbachia that soon again. I’ve had mine since March and left her in the nursery pot.

Soo, is she browning anywhere, drooping to any particular side, does she feel mushy, soft or crispy, or have you noticed her crying (guttation)?
@PlantJedi she’s not browning everything just looks a little less firm and upright. Her leaves feel a little floppy? But there’s still new growth coming in and normal yellowing and dying of the bottom leaves with the new growth on top. No crying or anything weird haha. Maybe I’m making a fuss over nothing.
@FirstCeratiola Ohhh no… Dieffenbachia cry when they’re happy. If you water her, she’ll process the water outward… what we plant lovers call crying because it’ll look like tear drops falling from the tip of the leaf. If you’ve never noticed that then you need to treat your dieffenbachia for a fungus. Yeah, they push out new leaves even while sick. Very resilient plants. Are you misting her?
@FirstCeratiola something is wrong because you can sense it and tell… she’s telling you by changing. You’re doing the right thing. We’re just here to help you get to a diagnosis. After looking at the progress photos… I see what you mean. I think @HeyNicePlants noticed it from the start… She is kind of snuggled into her pot.

neem oil & Peppermint...

Here’s a great product I use on my Dieffenbachia StarBright.
I’m going to move her inside at night and see if that makes a difference. I may repot her this weekend as well. Thank you both @PlantJedi and @HeyNicePlants for the assist!
@FirstCeratiola 👍🏾
@FirstCeratiola moving indoors would be the quickest and easiest move to see if it helps. If after a while there’s no change I’d go up a pot size and try and get in as much fresh soil as possible. Let us know how it goes!