Posted 4d ago by @TempestasVulpis

What is this bug??
This was on the underside of my neon pothos - I just saw the one but I’m going to look for more after I post this.
4ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Best Answer
Agree with @RewardableKale.

Try this! :

•Dip cotton balls and swabs in alcohol and remove all visible mealybugs. Use balls to clean the leaves and swabs to clean inside the gaps.

•Mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol with few drops of Dawn dish soap and 1 quart (32oz) of water. Pour the solution in the spray bottle.

•Spray the whole plant, not only where mealybugs are visible. Spray leaves well, top, and under and stems.

Repeat the treatment once or twice a week until the issue is gone.

Good luck and happy growing! 🌿✨ @TempestasVulpis
If I’m not mistaken…it looks like a mealy bug! Take some alcohol on a q tip and remove them. Do a full search all over that plant and any that are close by.
@kscape Thanks! Doing immediately, and will also quarantine in a separate room - but how likely is this to transfer to my other plants??
@TempestasVulpis It’s likely depending on how close they are, but you can also spray the solution on the plants or maybe spray insecticidal soap to avoid future contact :)
@kscape it was hanging a couple feet away from my other plants.. I hope they’ll be okay 😓 I’ve never dealt with pests before

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