Posted 1Y ago by @PetCamphor

Hi there! This plant I’ve had for a couple of months , I’m noticing it has sap leaking now on the stalks. I don’t know if it’s sick. I downloaded this app, but still can’t find info on sicknesses of the plants. Anyone know?
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Can you post a picture of the issue?
@sarahsalith I can’t seem to put the picture in here.
I see it. (:
@PetCamphor oh here it is lol. See the droplets? It’s very sticky.
Is it sticky?

If it's like water, it is most likely guttation and nothing to be worried about. If it's sticky, it might be honeydew which is caused by pests. πŸ˜–
@sarahsalith is there somewhere on this app to diagnose the problem? I can’t find it?
Okay- if it's sticky, then it's most likely honeydew. It's a secretion from pests- maybe mealybugs or aphids. Have you seen any bugs?
@PetCamphor for now, it's just the community that diagnoses issues. I can usually help from lots of experience. πŸ˜‰

I just looked up some articles: .
@sarahsalith oh thanks so much!!
@sarahsalith No I see no bugs at all. I’ve kept it inside and the plant looks healthy .
Thank you I will buy that!!
That's good news. I'd just keep an eye on it. It's a beautiful plant. I'd wipe it down and see if it returns.
I would do a thorough pest inspection.
@MeganO yes I’m looking for the that still Sarah recommended, haven’t found it yet. I will wash the plant with it. It’s so pretty I don’t want it to die .
@PetCamphor oh sorry no I don’t recommend sprays - I just meant like I would look very closely at the leaves. I use #BeneficialBugs to protect my babies from pests.
@MeganO I will look for that too, thanks!