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Pot size?
This is a new type to me... how do they like thier roots? Do they like to be bound a bit? I'm trying to decide which container to put it in, and the one in mind is kinda small.... #philodendron #philoflock #newplants
5ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 hours ago
They like to be a bit snug, yes. The nursery pot it's in now is probably borderline too small depending on what the roots look like in there.

Once the roots start to swirl around the bottom, or at the top (don't ask me how philos do this) then it's time to move up a size.

The McColley's is one of my favorite with its fall colors, and yours is beautiful ❀️
@tmbryant37 I just carefully took it out of pot, this is what there is for roots... think this is too small?
Might be too small... it's just loosely set in there...
Also, I should get chunky soil?
It might make it through the rest of the growing season in that pot since it's probably already starting to get cooler where you are.

The soil should be well draining, so a chunky soil is great. If you don't have anything like that you can add in perlite at least to keep it from holding too much water. They like to dry a bit in between waterings

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