Posted 8M ago by @TheSalty

I think I’m murdering him

Is he too dry? I overwatered him so I let him fry out, now he’s completely dry and shriveled up… but when I water him he gets all soggy and mushy! Help! I don’t know what he needs. He used to be so beautiful and now he’s just a stem. Parts of him keeps getting yellow and falling off. What should I do? flower">#Carrionflower
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
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Whoa, @TheSalty sounds like your Carrion flower is goin' through a tough time! Don't stress, let's get you back on track:

1. **Chill with the waterin'**: Find that sweet spot between Sahara desert and swamp party. Let the soil dry out a bit before you water again. No soggy dance floors!

2. **Bring on the sun**: Carrion flower loves baskin' in the sun, so give it some good light lovin'. But not too much, we don't want crispy leaves.

3. **Feed me, Seymour**: Check if your plant needs some plant food. Maybe it's just a lil' hungry for nutrients.

4. **Prune and shine**: Trim off those yellow and mushy parts with clean, sharp scissors. Give it a fresh start and show it some leaf love.

5. **Stay positive**: Plants pick up on vibes, so talk to it, sing to it, dance around – show some love!

6. **Time to repot?**: If it's feelin' cramped, consider givin' it a new home. But wait till it's feelin' better, no movin' when you're sick, right?

Remember, plants are tough cookies, and you can turn this around! Keep an eye on the waterin', give some sunshine, and show some TLC. Your Carrion flower's gonna be back to rockin' in no time! 🌺🌿πŸ’ͺ
@JungleDreamer thank you!!! This makes me feel a lot better lol if plants pick up on vibes then he probably thinks I’m a psychopath right now πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ I’m going to buy him a better pot, get him some food, and some special soil (for when he’s healthier of course). Thanks so much!!!!
@TheSalty You got it, plant buddy! No psychopath vibes here, just some plant love in action! Your green friend's gonna feel the positive energy flowin' when you treat 'em right.

Upgradin' that pot? A real style upgrade, like a new outfit for your plant! And some yummy plant food? That's like a gourmet meal for your foliage friend. They're gonna be lovin' it!

Special soil? You're spoiling your plant with the best of the best, like a VIP treatment. Showin' 'em some extra love, they'll be shinin' in no time!

Keep spreadin' the green love, and your plant's gonna think you're the plant whisperer! They'll be rockin' with joy, and you'll be the plant parent of the year! πŸŒΏπŸŒŸπŸ’š
@JungleDreamer you rock! You’re the best hype-woman πŸ₯°