Posted 3w ago by @LaurenLovesHam

my ficus tineke is dying!!
i got this plant about 2 months ago and it was thriving, however since getting it home i have lost all my leaves except two! it starts with browning around the edges, then eventually they fall off. they don’t yellow or anything, i am following a weekly watering schedule. help!!
How much light is it getting currently? These guys like lots of bright light.
@RJG it is about 3 feet from a western facing window
So it's getting a good amount of direct light every day?
@RJG i’d say so, i could put it closer to the window though
That could help! Is the browning on the leaves crunchy or slimy
@RJG crunchy
@LaurenLovesHam I would try watering maybe a little bit more too.

I water my tineke every 4 days. I don't think you need to go that frequent cause mine is fully outside, but maybe every 5 or 6 days.

I try to water mine just before it dries out but not let it fully dry out if that makes sense. As long as the pot has drainage and the top inch of soil has reached that kinda damp almost dry state it's time to water.

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