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A survivor?

Just got this through a plant subscription box and it was severely damaged in transit - 2 of the leaves were black and I got rid of them. The rest of it was BARELY rooted in the soil. I saw the description said this plant is a survivor, so I’m just wondering if anyone else has had experience with it and if the small roots are normal or any recommendations on care? (I also wasn’t expecting it to arrive today, so I didn’t have a pot with drainage ready!) #HoyaPubicalyx #waxplant
4” pot without drainage
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Hoyas do have a smaller root system than other plants and they can be hardy. They are also slow growers, so don’t be distraught if it doesn’t show growth right away. I love Hoyas (there are so many varieties). They prefer soil to be on the dryer side and don’t mind being slightly root bound. Make sure the pot isn’t too big and you’re allowing the soil to dry between watering. With the right temp and humidity you might get some flowers.
@Buddingbotanist thanks so much!
Great info from @Buddingbotanist

Only thing I would add is to pay special attention to sunlight. Hoyas in my experience err on the side of appreciating more light than less, though shouldn’t be in full direct sun for too long. So you’ll want to put it close to a window, especially considering it’s in a bit of shock after it’s perilous journey.

With TLC it can definitely thrive :)
Also give Marilyn a looser soil so it drains well. I add orchid bark to mine. I e heard they like to grow their roots first then the leaves but I don’t know if that’s true. Has anyone else heard that?