Posted 6d ago by @justonemore

I wish there were an easier way to get all my plants into the app. It's taking forever!!!! Does anyone know how to add botanical names? I have some unlisted plants and I'd like to name them properly.
What do you mean by botanical names?
It shouldn’t be to difficult to add your plants. I would add them without worrying about measurements and stuff and then go back and add details. May I ask what you find makes you take so long?
I have a schefflera amate, for example, but it's not an option when I search. Other schefflera come up, but not mine. And just plain schefflera isn't an option.
I just have so many! Lol. Not a problem, but still time consuming. I guess in the app it's called plant type. There are bunch that I can't find. Oh well, not a big deal. Just thought maybe I was missing something.
@justonemore hmm ok! Sometimes Greg will have a plant but it won’t show up when you search. It could also just not be in Greg’s database. I know there was a bug with adding new species but I don’t know if it’s still the case. @RJG can we get an update? I would just keep adding plants and then when your done you can add the species if it didn’t already identify 😊
@justonemore it’ll be worth it! Trust me! πŸ˜‰
That's what I'm working on now. One plant at a time. ;)
I see your new to Greg! (Welcome!) so I thought I would give you some tips! First, when you ask questions or make a post, add # to get more people to see it especially if there is a # for the specific thing (I.e #PropagationStation) to get help from people who know about that stuff! Second, if you have any questions that are related to the app (like if you can’t add pictures to your post) @RJG is the man! So make sure to @ him if you have a question like that! Adding all of your details for a plant is super helpful since Greg will be able to help you the most and goal settings will effect how your watering schedule is! And don’t forget to mark somebody’s question as best if you find it is the most helpful! You will love Greg and the amazing community and people! Happy planting! 🌿
Thank you for the tips!!
@justonemore no problem! Also if you’re responding to somebody make sure to click reply when you comment so they see!
@RJG we're ready for that #gregmagic!
@justonemore you’re climbing up the leaderboard πŸ‘€
Not yet! But soon
@PlantyPlanter lol, only about 60 more to go!
@PlantyPlanter scientific plant names. same thing really 😬

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