Posted 1w ago by @LiquidRose84

I recently received a new neon pothos from our friends at @jcPlantProper. It’s so beautiful! I repotted it and it’s looking a little droopy. I’m anxious that the soil I used isn’t well draining enough. I used regular miracle grow for indoor potted plants from my local lowes. Can anyone provide words of encouragement?
7ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
If you recently got it through the mail and repotted it, not surprised it's a bit droopy. It's just adjusting! A beautiful plant!
They usually need 2+ weeks to adjust to being in your home and another 2+ after a repot. I agree with @RJG that I wouldn't worry until it's been a bit longer! In the meantime, just make sure you're checking the soil before you water. Pothos are resilient!

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