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Rose calathea??
Greg identified one of my plants as a #RoseCalathea but it keeps wilting eventhough I’m following the watering rhythm. I’m starting to think i might have a different type of plant. Anyone got any suggestions??
4” pot
Last watered 4 months ago
It's not a Rose, but definitely a Calathea. Your plant looks really beautiful.


The care will be similar. Maybe it's one of these:
Calathea albertii?
Calathea fucata?

It really is beautiful.
Greg learns when the schedule of when to water your plant overtime. There is a 'snooze' button and you only press it when Greg tells you that you need to water your plant but the soil is still wet and that means the plant doesn't need to be watered yet. Wilting may be caused by lack of sunlight or water or too much water.
And I think that thats not a rose calathea rose calatheas have purple-y pinkish foliage. To me, that looks like a
@Megan name that calathea
It’s a Calathea Misto. It needs drainage and it’s leaves to be wiped down too and bottom
@RJG Jeffery!! Sorry jk, are the leaves soft and velvety?
@Megan great name
It looks happy to me. The leaves move around a lot because it’s a prayer plant. If your humidity is high ease back on water πŸ’§
@StylishLentil it’s definitely is a Calathea. It’s really nice. You can always snooze the plant if it’s too wet to water. Water when the soil is dry 2 to 3” from the soils top.
No direct light. Never water with tap water. I use rain water or distilled. They can’t handle the chemicals in tap water. They like to be a bit moist but not wet. Good luck.

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