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Help! My monstera leaves are turning yellow?!
I'm not sure why they are turning yellow I don't water the plant until the soil is dry or slightly moist and I've got it right next to a south (I believe) facing window please help 😭
2ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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@Sab2319 it could be a cause of several things. But first thing you need to do is cut off those leaves.

It could be a cause of lack of nutrients, have you added fertilizer in your soil? It doesn't look like lack of sun is a reason.

Also it's good to check for root rot, make sure the soil isn't too dried out.
mine is doing this too!!!
I wonder if it’s chemicals on the water?
Okay i will cut them off and Yes! :) i use filtered water and use fertilizer as the directions say, and okay how do you check for root rot?
@Sab2319 if the roots are wet, soft, brown or mushy. You'll have to cut those bad boys off before any harm befalls your plant
Okay thanks so much so I pull the plant out of the pot to do so? It won't harm it?
Is it just the little tiny leaves on the bottom of each vine? Plants don’t keep leaves forever. Esp a monstera will put more energy into new bigger leaves and not keep those baby ones. Mine has dropped one or two on each vine since early spring and is putting out giant new leaves up top.
If it’s more widespread maybe look closer, but I’d just let them dry up, pluck them off, and enjoy the new growth.
Yes! It's just the tiny leaves so far it wad just that one that was super yellow and I plucked that one and then I went to house sit for a week and now it's growing a few new leaves with the holes! I'm not sure what they are called or what the proper term is to be used but yeah!

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