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I have just purchased a fiddle leaf fig Bambino. It is in a growers pot right now. Can I repot it into a bonsai pot?
I didn’t know u could bonsai a fiddle leaf. Is it a dwarf variety? #Bonsai oh just saw it’s a Bambino. I’d love to see his progress if u do bonsai it. #FiddleLeafFig. I found this video— interesting
I wouldn't. Even the smaller bambino version has a decent sized root system at this point. I would use a normal pot maybe an inch bigger than the nursery pot.
@AppetentPomelo Welcome to Greg! Just an FYI FLFs roots grow fast. I had to repot one of mine twice this year. I would recommend a deep pot to where to roots have room to grow. Also make sure the pot has drainage.
Hi Frank, welcome to Greg! I also wanted to chime in here that you probably have time to decide before reporting. It's best to give a plant at least two weeks to acclimate to your home before repotting, even then as long as it doesn't have roots coming out the bottom you can leave it in its current pot.

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